Plight Of Atonement

Agonising trail of pain 

Nothing you shall gain

From misery that sorrounds

You;cries you hear abound

Echoes of sheer torment

No way do feelings vent

In desperation you seek

wreckin’ the cage;reeks

of sin.all hell breaks loose

Within dark:outside rose

A Deity to hurl penance

Surviving stands no chance

Thusly doomed to wander

Ever destined to wonder

Whence did begin the plight

How long in thee will be left fight?

How far have you come

O’Yet how far yet to go…


4 thoughts on “Plight Of Atonement

  1. I really felt big emotions in this tiny piece. Great job!


  2. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Really beautiful poem! 🙂


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