Lurking Legions

Dreary nights
bursting at the seams;
with unbridled bargain
of soul’s servility;
for evil’s reign.
Plan launches:
Gory sacrifices.
In a time lapse;
it weaves with a speed
none can supersede.
Dark dungeons,
reek of treachery
Devil conspires:
Spectres cross over;
Legions are lined.
Nefarious spirits,
Confront the pious.
IN moments
trumpets shall sound;
The ultimate battle,
will begin.
Surreptitiously they seek,
revenge for their leader.
Dismissed despite demeanour;
worthy of angel’s honour.
Yet the arrogance,
caused his fall.
Going down:
he intends,
to take down;
all prospect of good:
to darken the world;
and emerge victorious.
Yet good stands tall:
willing to make him fall
in HIS feet.
They have the “light”;
That excruciates him.
They have the Hand;
that strangles him.
they have the iron will;
that scares him off.
Victory is destined,
to run its course.


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