Valuable Friends

Beauteous bonds of bosom friends’ boon:
playmates we were;yet ’twas deeper.
Chatting amicably,giggling at jokes of our own;
Making castles in the air:never the doers.

Humming tunes gaily together-all the tracks:
Oblivious to people murmuring behind our backs.

Mocking every other girl’s clumsy fashion:
Jeering as if twas the purpose of our creation.

Praying to almighty for hours-painstakingly studying;
At the eleventh hour on friends always relying.

Lingering about the notice board to take a peep:
Gleefully cheering others;at passing our heart’d leap.

Cheering these times we shall depart:
Smile shall cross our lips;warmth our heart.
Coming across one another,hurriedly we shall dart:
A comfort these moments shall be e’en in last resort

good ol’ teenage life


7 thoughts on “Valuable Friends

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Oh..the ode to a teenaged life
    Loved this!


  2. K. A. Brace says:

    I’ve read all three. All I will say is read some poetry and more poetry, and always think how you can make something interesting than anybody else. You need perspective and perception of what you’re writing. Not the subject but the execution. Process is everything. If you, at this point in time are even wrtiting one poem a day you are not really working at it as you should–depending on where you want to go. If all you want to do is write the way you do now then just do it. If you want to be better work at it. Read some later Frost, Dickey, William Stafford, Marrian Moore, Elsiabeth Bishop–get a copy of the Norton Anthology of Modern American Poetry on Amazon–used–it is not that expensive. Any edition will do. Just pick a place and read. If it doesn’t grab you, pick another place. Soonmer or later you will find something that will pull you in and you will understand what I am talking about. Best >KB


  3. saifali says:

    hear! hear! Ah, the sweet cruelty of youth.


  4. Anna says:



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