One Too Many Ways!

There are one too many ways to die;
without the trouble of saying goodbye.
I could drink spirit which shall scorch:

Swiftly crossing, my corpse shall be laid on porch.

Or;i could drink pepsi over mentos:

Dead!striking in yonder hearts pathos.

Ah!or else;i might slit my wrist:

and skip paying for sins-a whole list.

I could also climb a building and jump;

Brains blown out-they shall carry me to dump.

Rather;i could tie a noose and strangle;

Lifeless they’d find me;my frame shall dangle.

Or I shall die in the Indus ‘n’ promptly drown:

Perished;they’d regard my Fate with a frown.

Ah!I could jump in front of oncoming train;

Deceased!my mangled corpse shall be lain.

O,but a thousand ways to live exist:

Then how do i find the will to resist?

Sins,doubtless; my cross my path to joy..

but Lord is there:to me;mercy he shant deny.

Looking around;I might find reasons to live:

It would take nothing but my will power to give.

The beauteous nature beckons me with open arms;

reveals its mysteries to my eyes;showering its charms.

The cool familiar breeze blows in my face:

restoring inner peace;soothingmy pace.

My mind opens up to a world unknown:

Before i realise; on me it has grown.

The sparkling stream flows with a poise;

The mighty mountain;with a grace doth rise.

My mind;serene-thinks no more of dying.

I realise how hard to not live,i was trying..

(based on early teenage days.dedicated to all adolescents who take life forgranted and do not hang around for the light at the end of the tunnel)


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