Scarred For Life By Life

I love scars-reminiscence of old and painful past but they remind you of two facts: one,that living in this world,you might gwt wounded and two,despite that and what we may think,we are still capable of healing.The process may be excruciating and agonizing,but it is relieving throwing the load off your chest.The latter is what we at a loss to realise in the moment.What baffles me in rare moments of insightfulness is Why are we scared of praying the price:the price of knowledge:knowledge of experience which never fails you.We are the ones who learn the hard way,despite Almighty’s repeated premonitions,we dare to venture prohibited territories and plunge head first into the sea to discover the unknown;to satiate our curiosity,but at the end of the tunnel, we find that there was no light-that it was simply not worth all the trouble.But still,the event is -you know why?Because welearn not to crawl blindly in a dark tunnel again.We are human down to the core,fallible creatures always learning the hard way!We should not hide our scars nor boast of them.Rather bear them with pride if you learnt a lesson.We ought to realise that they are there to remind us of our follies,and then to hold back our tears,as we have not totally succumbed to evils yet.Until the battles inside us wage on,we have nothing to worry about.Everything in this world comes with a heavy price,so we wound up being wounded as a consequence of our bargain.Sometimes it may feel its more than we bargained for,but considering we wake up from our slumber to find ourselves on the edge of abyss-one tiny step from dissolving into nothingness is not such a bad bargain.It is our actions that define us but growing up as a person is part of this process.Whoever learns does not fall behind in the race of humanity.The problem occurs only when someone does not want to learn that is when we choose who we want to be;the one who runs alongside the whole of humanity or the one who is trampled on by everybody in the massive marathon.


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