Behind The Bars…

Locked in a cabin of glass,
restrained in shackles of relations
I can see;all around me.
But nothing is clear:
The glass is foggy.
I am desperate to get out of here;
to breath in some air..
My lungs are screaming for oxygen:
I hear pounding of heart in my eyes,
my heart: it flutters like a butterfly
wild to get out of the cage
like a frantic bird;
which in its desperation for escape..
renders its own plummage,
savagely trying;
to snatch away her peace
her solace.
From pain,
She seeks Escape

Plight of Eastern Woman


4 thoughts on “Behind The Bars…

  1. aurakarma says:

    There’s a lot of intensity and emotion in this, which is what I love most about the piece. I will say watch out for you spelling and the way you structure your work, but aside from that I also loved the use of metaphors, it was very imaginative and creative. Keep writing and stay in touch.


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