The roller coaster of emotions plummets downhill,
Ricochetting off the cold cliff are cries shrill;
Impregnable amid the myriad miseries
They cease to seem linked to chaos,trees
Seem to wither with gusts of indifference
That come their way:existence’s semblance
Brings no joy.Oblivion encompasses
Threadbare subsistence as life passes
In the dingy streets shabby lasses
Walk yonder;survival appears daunting
Devoid of light:few to and fro flaunting
Unaware of those trampled upon
Treasures of theirs they don
Incapable of feeling matters of heart
Life came to a pass:starvation starts
Ripping hearts.Transcending unto nature
Is the aggravated aggression:nurture
Seems a distant virtue dropped from us:
Deservedly so;barely humans we fuss
O’er trivialities, on the cusp of civility
Resignation shows,ebbing under veil;
Of pretension.ah!what masks we put on
Know not we one day we may walk lone…


2 thoughts on “Transcendence

  1. Wow! I wish I can write poetry like this!


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