Letting Love In?!

Image courtesy geekytraveller.com

Image courtesy geekytraveller.com

Seeing a serene sun slanting

behind mighty mountains:

something shuns its chains;

inside me.Stretching

its arms-begins the qualms

strain of it sweats my palms

My conscience dumbfounded

The being rises;liberated

it takes liberty of searching

deepest drawers;beguiling

my heart-tempting it to attempt

loving like last!weeding unkempt

heart-removing cobwebs of doubt

Soul resists,resents, remembers

premonitions of past perplexities

Sauntering subtly:surrender

the being demands! Pros and cons;

of wearing heart on the sleeve 

told and re-told….to no gain:

repercussions of what bereave-

the soul-how suffered!no more pain

shall catch it offguard now!

Protected,it shall avoid,stay low

Falling from grace is not happening

Ne’er was soul closer to new beginnings


2 thoughts on “Letting Love In?!

  1. Takeshi says:

    I love the surge of emotions in your poetry. Good writing Margaret. It reflects your personality …


  2. 😀You make me smile.Thanks for believing in my writing.Very kind of you.


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