Green grandeur

veracity whispers

truth in my ears

eye hinders

the vision it meets

its beauty baffling

steps falter

tongue stutters

beyond words

lies a picture

you conjure

a thousand words

to define the curves

of the green hills

no thought of bills

you get the chills

aroused by such serenity

ensconced in its lap

you lie

tongue tied by the grace

of creations created

to please those

who fell from grace

Joyous tears approach thy eyes

beauty is truth:it never lies

If I could have my way

i would lose “me” in a day

amid towering beauties

their green soothing my eyes

their guileless beauty disarming

I shalt find money ne’er charming


One thought on “Green grandeur

  1. you are so right, nature’s beauty truly silents our tongue, thoughts everything! it truly spellbounds.


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