Battered Ship

Somedays its insane.Somedays its a bliss

Somedays the mild morn drops a kiss

balmy on visage;other days you hit

blind alleys and dark side throws a fit:

a sight fitting for fiends:forlorn boat

you seem tethered to an anchor;

yielding;yet keeping you afloat

not many a hope in thy heart harbour

yet enough to not cease vain voyaging

about lands shut out against you

in waters unfathomable wringing

with deep dark secrets lurking

under the murky surface,warm

beguiling yet benign it is not.

Hark!the treacherous waves tail

your vessel;nearing vilely to hail

a storm.A wreckage it awaits

luring you with battered baits

amid tenacious torques taunting

your callous courage unceasing

yet badly wounded you wage the war

reaping nothing but countless sultry scars

keening your own loss;lines you cross

yet the end appear it doth not in your sight

a green light of the lighthouse you seek

incessantly you dream and wake up in fright

every time snatched tis from thy fingertips

no coastguard aids you: no lifeboats

ceaselessly on the marks you coat

layers of paint to hide weakness

novel vistas:high horizons no less

may greet your vision:legions

may walk alongside you:light may hit home

for now,wade the way to shores alone

chide your soul,chilled it may be to the bone

There will come a day walk not you will ‘lone


2 thoughts on “Battered Ship

  1. sounds like my heart too, life itself is beautiful, no extra perk needed 🙂


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