Realizations and Rain!

The sneaky silhouette creeps in distance;

ensconced in nebulous fog no grievance

anymore bruises my heart:all is good

I am reminded:pines lining the path

pave ways for panacea of all ills:brood

I do,upon the bliss:beguiled imp hath

in the past,my reason.The lilac sky

enchants my errrors.Before my eye

the fog receeds:mountains appear

dark with profundity:beauty belie

it doth not.Benign breeze soothing fears

i see vistas novel to my vision

Tracing tardily the curves reverently

Cedars sway merrily;praising heartily

Never had my heart known such jejune joy

Rooted in deep hope they shall ever buoy


2 thoughts on “Realizations and Rain!

  1. touching and very beautiful!


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