pantheon of pearls lay on grass green

light glinting unto them,transforming

their substance,a moment ago,fluid

now seem glassy orbs:fret not;lean

farther and see beyond the mundane:

whisperings prophesize.Breaking chains

weighing you down for eons:shrewd

scared cynical,you refuted the being

you are:the mist shedding;a myna

swoops for a worm.All your pains

dissolve in the balmy beauty.Morn

unfolds like a flower.subside

the clouds,letting the rampant rays

bringing the stream alive..beside

yourself you are with joy,

revelations of a higher truth

the demons they destroy….


6 thoughts on “Dewdrops…

  1. S.J. Takeshi says:

    Hi Margaret! I just want to inform you that I already published five chapters of my novel. 🙂
    This is a great poem, by the way. 🙂


  2. ~Matthew Heartsound says:

    Beautifully done….such depth. Peace be yours friend.


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