Dedicated to the nation(on incident of Dec 16 massacre)

The untainted souls stand in rows

garbs of such purity ‘pon them

with vacant eyes they look t’wards me

beseeching me:O’ entreating me

to hold their captors in dungeons

and curdle their vile blood with torture

anguish they shall feel the like

Alack! the likes they inflicted

they shall burn with agony

which burns the poor parents

grieving mothers O’ countless

lost their son-like their fathers

to another battle nonsensical

Turmoil of theirs tormenters

must feel:none shall shelter

their likes in our homeland;

said they.The angels guard

over us dwindling they are

our actions driving them away

Must we then anymore sway

Must we then ‘pon them lay

the burden of our sins

on our innocent ones

Must we more then decay

Do we need another black day?

Oh! Do we need black days?


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