Lost souls-A Tribute to the children who were martyred in the massacre on the Black day of 16 December

The dreams twinkling in thine eyes

shall haunt me an eternity.

The stark world we gave you shies

short:the zealous alacrity

with which you followed your path

never hath called for barbaric wrath.

The joy you spread about all around

gave our world a sense of relief

The oppression we brought abound

somehow gave thine own grief

The picture you painted of ours was peace

Ah!how emblems of peace we tore apiece.

The way to our success was paved

All our skills we waylay

You came:set straight goals-craved

our glory but we decay

You alack!were turned to corpses but in truth

we are the carcasses- rotting ‘void of ruth.

The future we could have is ruptured.

Bells toll!Heaving sense unto us

There is not much in us worthy:cultured

we are not reform we need to thus

Untainted souls were lost:if sense we not see

More may leave us;we may ne’er learn how to be.


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