Give up..Give in..!?

Just when we lay our arms

and rest the restless qualms

op’ortunity comes a-knocking

forcing to let your guard down

What you then face is shocking

off of your feet you are blown

Concerns and advices evaporate

Whims and desires none ‘gain berate

The guileless sky faces you

lyin on green turf glasses askew

you think no more of what was lost

no more you rebuke:brain brews

plans and provisions at hand are not

The solitary walks:the joyous view

The winds that were wanton n wayward

bring delight.No more are you a coward


3 thoughts on “Give up..Give in..!?

  1. AB says:

    Coward you were never
    perhaps a little shy
    that is allowed
    life is not easy
    never been
    never will
    start again
    confidence to regain
    destroy, difficult memory lane
    all what was lost, was destiny’s fate
    it is never was, never is, too late
    as long as, a kiss has been blown
    you heart has shown,
    the path, right
    or wrong
    perhaps long
    it will be exciting
    and that what really counts

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