Cancerous cells of a land pure

In Gory surroundings many flowers were crushed

By devilish hands many innocent lives hushed

Teeming with dreams their heads were

Proud they were of their lands

Optimistic:facing monsters no fear

they had:thing or two their hands

and hearts could teach us:

A tale of vengeance has begun thus

The blood that coursed their veins

was ours:stained soil shall remind

us of war waged with whimsical gains

of torture ushered from behind

The vale screams in agony

chanting against demons

of our making:tireless tyranny

never ceases:Hark!Humans

The screams of mothers haunt my sleep

The countless corpses slaughtered like sheep

Is this the people representing us

Ah!No they are the tumor we

refuse to be rid of!Their curse

vile threatens to intoxicate thee

and all:Steer clear we need of the storm

and learn lessons b’fore all they deform


7 thoughts on “Cancerous cells of a land pure

  1. AB says:

    Very sad reality soulfully portrayed…


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