Tenacious Turmoil rages within..

Forlorn like a cloud I wander

the vale below me serene,yet I

I full of conjecture

a judgement cloudy

a record blemished

a soul torn

a smile vain

esteem shattered

yet amid people gaudy

I walk unaware

no sense of direction

not seeming to care

no hope of resuscitation

I hear I say yet live and love do not

Smiling and letting go fret not

inside I shatter like tempered glass

None notices-the sound reverberates

threatening to be overheard

rains on me shard upon shard

Yet the sinister storm refuses to abate

I seek mercy:yet they show none

Seems the penance has just begun.


17 thoughts on “Tenacious Turmoil rages within..

  1. Iris Orpi says:

    An intriguing staccato of images and imagery, some with jagged edges. You have used language in a haphazard, but also somewhat measured, way, which contributed to the angsty and charged mood of the poem. The oxymoron in the title – “tenacious turmoil” sums it up nicely. Kudos. May your heart find relief, ultimately.


  2. AB says:

    the storm will surely
    with certainity, disappear
    penance self inflicted at young age
    uncontrolable rage, desire to punish
    not replenish self, drinking acid
    rancid, stale tales, why
    Sun is shining, admittedly
    chill is in the air
    Warm it with your passionate heart
    great gift in front, confront
    thyself, to feel free
    to fly afar, touching stars
    kissing moon, smiling soon
    thats your destiny, claim it
    flame it, with those exquisite lips
    Resulting mayhem, blame it, on me


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