Melancholic Mountains..

 Image courtesty:

The impervious film of fog

like a cozy blanket embraces

the mountains behind:disguise

shielding them from accusing eyes

The trees stand guard:hatred effaces

from ‘yonder’ memories; log

‘pon log countless shades

bestowed upon them lost

The mountains in frost

covered entirely now merely

were tormentors:austerely

augmented they stare

fickle fraternity do not care

Their faces set,they move about

cursing impetuously:in doubt

forgetting the sacrifices laid

the shielding of the sun:bade

them a farewell.Shrouded

by the filial fog-beheaded

they mourn in morn:gloom

seizes them-anguish is doom

majestic front;inside shredded.

Image courtesy:,d.d24&psig=AFQjCNF__SoeMJqdPbvmG0C5WVPyFQUeVA&ust=1419672739278353

Image courtesy:

A mountain range in Pakistan most dear to my heart: Sakesar range. Just a vision of it is what it takes to stop my heart!


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