Tyranny abound resides within..

Image courtesy: abc.net.au

Image coutesy: livingtextblog.andosciasociology.net

The world seems lost in rejoicing

when there is so much to mourn.

Brothers everywhere being torn

over baseless accusations

over faith’s manifestations

over minor aberrations

over unwilled colourations

over vile correlations

over destiny and damnation

over blamed derogation

over acclaimed expurgation

over dark motive’s acquisition

O men this tyranny abound

Monstrosity of demons within

we ought somberly shroud.

Image courtesy: plymouthpd.org

PS: I am not by any means suggesting via this post that we ought not celebrate but rather my message is to not be insensitive to those gloomy and grieving around us and as humans,do nothing to aggravate the geo-political,social,ethnic,racial or any other basis for discrimination and violence against any group on the basis of prejudices.We as humans must rise above or else we may deteriorate below animals.


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