Flight Of Flightless…

Myriad morbid musings

Lying destitute amid torturous tower cells,

Losing control I hear treacherous sin calls

Under the falling debris I lie desolate

None cometh forth;they shun me with hate

Mustering courage:I dare to dream

Standing in th’ window, with hope eyes gleam

plucking li’l feathers of pigeons I begin

Laying plans of escaping the dungeon

Day after night I strive for freedom

Fearing the cell;my grave it may become

Joining the feathers I blow life into my wings

Knowing ’tis real, my heart with joy it rings

Thus once made I prepare to fly

Hoping to leave all behind as I pass by

Wearing wings I jump valiantly into vicinity

Feeling cold wind revives my dignity

The sun glares angrily at my vigil

Impervious to the tiring drill

Casting a charm it destroys my dream

Helpless I become with the beam

Sparing a few seconds;I realise the fallacy

the void of dreams:the…

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