Enchanting Interaction…

Image courtesy: http://www.mgwallpaper.com

Balmy morning

water gushing

afar in a stream

its sound melodious

a break from odious

light glints

peeking from behind

trees tall flips

your heart in cage:find

solace in the scene

Closer to Earth been

not:A bird soars

Your boat ashore

Mountains tops

mystic afog

eerie abreast

with secrets kept

for centuries

The vale below

Your heart tows

threatening never to free

Seems never you can be

anywhere else

Sun shines

dandelions divine

In peace recline

among grass green

None needs to wean

Dew sparkles

proud pearls darkle

Mercy of the Creator

Showers upon our

souls:dark our deeds

yet He never receeds

from bounties abound

Oh!what shall take

to bring us around

Before tis late to wake

Image courtesy: science.nationalgeographic.com

PS:I am such a freak for nature that this moved me to tears. Sorry if anyone else feels I have turned it too gloomy…


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