Gone but Never Forgotten(A promise To my brothers and sisters martyred on December 16…)

Image courtesy: dailymail.co.uk Photos of the innocent students and teachers massacred by lunatics

 You still walk about

I feel your presence

the few good souls

paid the penance

for our sins

troubled you roam

your eyes beseeching

justice you are seeking

Left bereft and weeping

mothers proud and beaming

Not to you it matters

you are living

more than us

who feel not.

Justice you seek

so of evil who reek

are sent to Creator

Before more they kill

and dash our hope

of a future bright

the dreams sparkling

in your eyes haunt my waking

hours.No more is anyone taking

them from us:the stars shall twinkle

none shall nip them before they bloom

We promise we shall send “them” to their doom.


The life in this kid’s eyes shall haunt me for the rest of my life..We failed to protect them…

May God forgive us for that…😞😢


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