Waxen wings:Passion unbound

Image courtesy: http://www.genius.com

Vanity the cause of my plight

Ambition to touch the skies

and lower not my waxen wings

yet hath no role the world

in my destruction?

Have I the sole credit

soul’s fall they accredit

unto me;Have I degenerated

It is still me:I learn to love

but are those who torture

the core of souls walk free

I merely saw overture

and saw no limits to attain

the little I hoped to be.

Was deception the penalty deserved?

Was all their judgement for me reserved?

Am I solely to be plundered and preserved;

to endure more:Let me move on departed

I have to truths of existence.I am destined

Nourish my soul as to rust rest is designed.

Image courtesy: http://www.tumblr.com (my ambition in life)


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