Meandering for Meadows….

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A marshy moor surrounds

rain pelts strong and hard

no where the cover found

I run frantic:thoughts hound

anguish flows from eyes

something within dies

soul screams

blood curdling cries

My feet are cold

my clothes soaked

my breath choked

yet shelter not in sight

my heart renders giving in

To the spot having me pinned

Not moving forward nor behind

Delusions come;disillusioned

to the very core poisoned

embittered bludgeoned

from within and without

arrows sharp shot out

at me:

i chose to flee

yet it may not be


hear my plea


shed on me!thee

art heavenly

I a mere human:

before world comes undone

and I fall into the oblivion

and no more in my dominion

altering done-certain

becomes my fate

then i receive hate

due and deserved

judgement then reserved

justice will be served

Send a saviour

heavenly in attributes

and free what pollutes

my sense

and the rest

the rest shall be past tense

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Image courtesy:


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