Premonition to “Terror” …I Shall Rise And Shine!

We may be few we may be less

But we know all the moves of chess

you may burn you may kill

Rise we shall with our will

all ‘round corpses are strewn

it grieves us:shutting in cocoon

we shan’t:To your shallow moves

to your cowardly calls we are immune

Repent your ways and tis a truce

else kill we shall and clean our soil

All your impure plans we shall foil

we know the void amid your typhoon

Get some facts straight through thick skull

Lest shall be late for your kind to apiece cull

your ideas are hollow your leadership flawed

we have the Hand of God s’porting our maraud

nowhere to run for cover cowards:hide not

facing your rewards your blood shall clot

Waiting patiently we are to tie nose:final knot.

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