The Climb..A new year new mountains to conquer

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Climbing the mountains

I am tiring of the pains

the gashes wont heal

the sallow skin wont seal

I fear:on my back is baggage

threatening to ruin plumage

hurling me down in the depths

bones crunching:Ragged breaths

come:the stones jagged

seem merciful at times

Considering the climes

the baggage unbearable

shedding may take a lifetime

yet further I cannot go

whilst having this row

with myself

Afar in the valley chime cymbals

Shedding slowly laying low

I have to move on

the straps may hurt

Benumbed I smell the dirt

breath the air and curt

walk on and on

who knows I am torn

keeping a face calm

I shall climb:embalm

my own wounds!

Embarking on the journey

move on ‘void of qualms

someone someday

may come to share

joys pain a tear

just brightest smile wear.

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