A dark misty road..

The wind blew sharp and cold

The grief ‘gainst it she could not hold

The road seemed long the shadows dark

The uncertain steps echoed-none shall hark

The shadows thickened mist deepened

Heart quickened: wolves forward leaned

Threatening to tear her soul

Were the hungry ghouls

Each step grew heavier

Around was no cavalier

The distance seemed unending

The fog threatening

To bring dark secrets

Looming are strange beings

Hallucinating or actually seeing?

Breathing the intoxicating air

Seems to carry life and yet dire death

No longer are judgements sound

No longer are answers found

Jagged stones bleed feet

Alley offers no retreat

She can hold for so long

Before something goes wrong

Before she falls to never get up

Before remains not but a lump

Of flesh and no movement

Of heart and no feelings

Of spirit and no passion

Of life and no living


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