Leap of faith

Looking at me

in the days of glee

innocent eyes

staring at me spy

through my soul

reading the ghoul

I have turned into

Filled with shame

I am at who I turned

that unsullied child into

Winter never goes away

no fire warms me:Way

I have lost eyes bleary

I walk on a road scary

devoid of light

No map in sight

Reaching the height

of distress and plight

I yearn to do right

yet not putting up a fight

cold skies shun me

dirt shies away prithee

I yearn to attain to be

what always thought to see

in me:Love may heal

But Fate seems to seal

my chances

Pounding heart

Wolf prances

shattering glances

Running mischances

Tiring Breaking

My Wits gathering

I am running

through expanses

taking my chances


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