A child’s plea- Say No to Domestic Violence

peeping from behind

the wall that caged his soul

going through the drill:bind

his feet did to ground:dole

he did in purpose:each day 

spent in shouts:not gay in hay

Leaving him drained to stay

firm outside;in grass he lay

wondering what may be behind

the sky clouds and wind

where twas headed

Wishing to see untreaded

lands:stars and break the bars

The torture teared his spirit

Frantic:seeing no exit

the fury rained inside

No angels could chide

him to sleep:when demons

were those who were to care

when they were bounding bare

when home was a dragon’s lair

Refuge of trusting arms was tempting

Yet wolves roamed about hunting

Nowhere to go he was stranded

shattering like tempered glass

None shall come to see him pass

his spirit trapped in a ball of mass

Longing to see the sun shine

and drink in the scent of salty brine

Soaking his soul in depths of waters

healing wounds inflicted by crumbling rafters

He longed to fly free of all that matters

to them:away away he soars on letters

breaking the shackles of fate masters


2 thoughts on “A child’s plea- Say No to Domestic Violence

  1. Absolutely wonderful. I felt this very much and very close to my heart.
    Thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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