It Shall Pass…


good or bad it shall pass

This life is but this:lass

how simple and how plain

Yet to our sight all is pain

Missing out on life we wallow

in sorrows not looking hallow

of angels hovers above:shallow

our perceptions till seeing gallows

we are:Being is the joy not green

nor jewels:we have all prorities

set:yet we miss the joy:authorities

over dreams we exercise when lean

we shall on love’s shoulder;drink

we shall long draughts of damp air

Nothing but trees flowers cheer

die in someone’s arms appear

when doth angel:we shall not care

for wealth:wealth being bare

to our heart from heaven above

Soar we shall knowing our wealth

shall join our soul in dire death

Such should be life:give share 

joy deep and pure none ensnares

your spirit:Love more so none hates

till love conquers:compassion derails

terror and power:We all shall abate

this storm-leaving a better world

knowing good or bad:it shall pass


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