Nothing have I known…

Nothing of love 

Have known I

All life

warped perception

Rooting for weak

I called it love

Going out of my way

to bring them

what I thought was joy

I called it love

Nothing of love

Have known I

Wandering lonely

Nothing have I 

ever learnt of joy

of loving with 

no prerequisites

Knowing no bounds

Not as humanity 

but as a person

who means to you

at sight of whom

your heart flew

Perhaps I figured

Like mine

all lost souls

walked on burning coals

needing a hand

Which is not bland

so I gave my hand

Receiving pain

And no gain

for my soul

corroding fool

was I to think

this heals wounds

No! Love does heal

Of which known

Nothing I have

Nothing of which

I have given

Never let it bloom

Nipped at it

I have

truly Nothing

Have known I

How ignorant

Have I been

In days gone by

Truths are hard to accept

But writing about them 

Is far harder to be adept

PS: I m in no way insinuating that people are shallow rather reflecting how shallow I have been in giving perhaps and also pondering on my walls.



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