What is love?

Image courtesy:fanpop.com

 Is love a blessing

or a curse 

Is love a dressing

or wounds 

Is love selfish

or entirely selfless

Is love source of pain

or erases all and a gain

Is love change of perspective

or is it quest for souls respective

Is love quiet or screams 

at the top of its voice

Is love taking at beauty a hit

or an appraisal that does befit

but never cages beauty

rather worships with duty

Is love is a feeling of body

or leaves with our souls 

Is love an assortment of words

or is it actions that attain ends

Is love the lens for idealist

or is it for the curious realist

Is love just hormones

or lasts after the bones

Is love a treasure for world

or for one soul unfurled

Tell me what love is

is it a sage’s business

or insanity’s purpose

Is it fool’s paradise

or delight of loftier mind

not a shallow demise

Tell me what love is?

There is something amiss

with what we make it out as

certainly holds secrets in mass

Is love a language of universe

or a manual to understanding ours

Is it a panacea of all ills

or is torment that kills?


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