World in Black and White

World they see in black and white

Their self-righteousness at a height

They long to chance upon a creek

where “justice” reigns those who reek

In truth tis them:who power seek

a world where they play god

Hesitate not a moment to prod

They seem to applaud

good yet become crood

along the way:typifying

humans sinister-applying

their warped doctrines

their heart for power pines

never thinking along lines

of power absolute:right of Divine

Ps:Not much of a poem but just wanted to write about people who perceive wrongdoing and think that evil should be eradicated but the first chance they have at power they transform into evil incarnate and lust for nothing but bending people’s fate to their will.


2 thoughts on “World in Black and White

  1. fais says:

    beautiful description of super powers

    Liked by 1 person

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