I have a knack for poems
But words can fail to be loam
For saplings of feelings
That bear long lost leaflings
Of joy, desire, peace:wondering
If I drove them away–
Or you who didn’t stay:
So I sift through each day.
I have a knack for poems
Making my heartstrings strum
Each time receding into shadows
That haunt my self-more hollow
It all seems: i reap and I sow;
Asking for more and more
Yet feelings are meant to lure;
Charmingly destroying the cure.
I have a knack for poems
Poems that haunt my being.
I have a knack for poems
Poems that show unseen.
I have a knack for poems
Poems that slip words-
Leaving me still unsure.


Let’s sit and talk

Over a bowl of cereals

And make decisions

That impact millions

Let’s sit and talk

In expensive suits and walk

Pretending to be saviours

Yet in truth launching careers

Let’s sit and debate

Over Syrian State’s fate

Talk of Daesh, launch on children bomb raids

Bearing medals of a Crusade

Let’s sit and condemn violence

Deem them to humanity an offense

Vote in your ‘power houses’

And sign deaths of innocent

Who then is violent?

You or ‘them’ or the innocent.

The Climb..A new year new mountains to conquer

Image Courtesy: nationmultimedia.com

Climbing the mountains

I am tiring of the pains

the gashes wont heal

the sallow skin wont seal

I fear:on my back is baggage

threatening to ruin plumage

hurling me down in the depths

bones crunching:Ragged breaths

come:the stones jagged

seem merciful at times

Considering the climes

the baggage unbearable

shedding may take a lifetime

yet further I cannot go

whilst having this row

with myself

Afar in the valley chime cymbals

Shedding slowly laying low

I have to move on

the straps may hurt

Benumbed I smell the dirt

breath the air and curt

walk on and on

who knows I am torn

keeping a face calm

I shall climb:embalm

my own wounds!

Embarking on the journey

move on ‘void of qualms

someone someday

may come to share

joys pain a tear

just brightest smile wear.

Image courtesy: healthytravelblog.com