Sides to love..(to my grandmother)


Image courtesy via Google (painted by Leonid Afremov)

In the swirls of wine in your eyes,  

I could see love shine through-  

It had its tinges:

Each sand drop in hourglass;  

Reflecting off its surface,  

In a different tinge of red. 

Sometimes pure red glinting- 

Like the edge of a knife,  

That can cut if need be, 

Upon a tear in the rulebook. 

Those same swirls become blood red: 

When the smallest of thorns threatens harm,  

To my fragile shell trembling with naivety; 

It seethes with anger at those who advance,  

With their treacherous blades of jealousy.  

At times it transforms into a deep maroon,  

Puzzling the seekers around:  

With an air of a veiled sun, 

Which may or may not reveal-  

Its warmth divine.

On a cold winter morning,  

It melts into a crimson;  

Mirroring the victory dance-  

My universe does,  

When basking in their presence.  


Let’s sit and talk

Over a bowl of cereals

And make decisions

That impact millions

Let’s sit and talk

In expensive suits and walk

Pretending to be saviours

Yet in truth launching careers

Let’s sit and debate

Over Syrian State’s fate

Talk of Daesh, launch on children bomb raids

Bearing medals of a Crusade

Let’s sit and condemn violence

Deem them to humanity an offense

Vote in your ‘power houses’

And sign deaths of innocent

Who then is violent?

You or ‘them’ or the innocent.

Rampant Rain!

Delirium descends

as rain drops pelt

thunder pouncing

nostalgia kicking

fuzzy lights

set aglow

drops of rain

on my window.

My eyes bedazzled

yearn me being cradled

in the arms of love

accepting my dark sides

I frown

that crown

is far from my head

the way it hath lead;

me is distant

however I may rant.

Some are not build to love

Some are not build for love…


Letting Love In?!

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

Seeing a serene sun slanting

behind mighty mountains:

something shuns its chains;

inside me.Stretching

its arms-begins the qualms

strain of it sweats my palms

My conscience dumbfounded

The being rises;liberated

it takes liberty of searching

deepest drawers;beguiling

my heart-tempting it to attempt

loving like last!weeding unkempt

heart-removing cobwebs of doubt

Soul resists,resents, remembers

premonitions of past perplexities

Sauntering subtly:surrender

the being demands! Pros and cons;

of wearing heart on the sleeve 

told and re-told….to no gain:

repercussions of what bereave-

the soul-how suffered!no more pain

shall catch it offguard now!

Protected,it shall avoid,stay low

Falling from grace is not happening

Ne’er was soul closer to new beginnings