There’s Hope..


To me they scream
There’s hope
Don’t give the dream
Away:there’s hope
Hope they find humanity
Hope paid is penalty
Of different beliefs
Of grievances griefs
Caused on both ends
Wounds will mend
There’s hope
There’s hope
They scream
And I dream


The year 2014- a time of losses but also of strengths.

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A liitle push a little shove

there I am in my grove

of trees: A pithy pensive

corner where I may give

thought to what is past

the charms that were cast

Haunted by memories

leaping out of diaries

daunting my prospects

My soul objects

to temptations

it not surrendered

the year came and flew

A lot lost: wounds anew

yet stealing my nucleus

it gave a chance

to walk on my own

to learn the dance

that put souls in trance

I miss her badly

when torture comes

from all around

her arms not crowned

around me:this year

took a chunk of my soul

more I thought I could bear

Yet I walk the path:whole

somehow;the trees

offer a recluse.

Reminding me of bounties shed

upon me towards vistas t’has led

A lot to deduce

from experiences

from appearances

from discrepancies

from feigned modesties

from failing humanities

The year begins and ends

in loss of good souls

flawless yet caught in the fire

A lot needs saving

within me and without

battles are becoming hard

but as they say night is darkest

before the dawn…

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A trail through the Enchanted Forest…

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A canopy copious

with lurking monsters

captivating coursers

of the path:it offers recluse

Each tree seems sinister

yet intent on the wanderer

treading toiling tiring

amid them the din

of cities afar

seems cries of wayfarer

can echo:ajar

an eerie door lies

curious fear dies

you run towards it

a world lies on end

beckoning you inside

promising to abide

the trees smirk

insecurities shirked

You leave yourself

on the mercy of the tide

Hardened is your hide

emerging out from yonder

A lot imprinted to ponder

You are filled with wonder

A changed man you are

Cleansed of the tar:

Going through the hell

urbane ‘gain empowered.

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