Who am I (for lack of content, a slam attempt draft I made over summer)

Too often I tread sands
Too often retreat disband
My thought: find a hand
Of fate in all that befalls
Never knowing my pitfalls
And moors: like a land
Waiting to be known
Masks never sliding
Souls for long hiding
Catching a glimpse
Now and then hints
Of who I am in another


Peshawar attack #werememberyou

“Everything that comes from Heart, reaches others Heart.”
~ Anonymous

It is time to write letters to the victims and survivors of APS Peshawar Attack. It is time to share our heart’s voice with them, sharing our sorrow and grief.
Try to be more empathetic than just being sympathetic. You have only 2 more days left.

Drop your letters here by 24th December: letterstopeshawar@outlook.com

> Your letters will be delivered to the students of APS Peshawar, directly.
> Keep in mind that these letters are for the kids.
> Spread this post as much as you can.

#neverforget #16dec #peshawarattack #FLS #Comrades

Courtesy Muhammad Haris Bin Naeem, President, Fast literary society.

Scatter of concrete..

The papery walls have crumbled

Bit by bit what shook has tumbled

Heaps of stone have pelted down

Home has become a wrteched town

Riots stopped but so has life

Silence reigns scuffle and strife

Paint has peeled to show ugliness

Neighbours can now hidden witness

Children that cried have hushed up now

Shooed into fear where there was row

Struck by absence of the battling voices

They have created their own angry noises

Not long before the ruin is complete

In a town none notices scatter of concrete

I have to go..


Image courtesy: http://www.Pinterest.com

I have to go there. I have to go!

Where shadows don’t hang low

Up and about is not insanity

I have to go there. I have to go

Where fate ceaselessly blows

Knock not: none yells profanity

I have to go there. I have to go

Where there’s hope’s flame aglow

Not beyond lies life’s immensity

I have to go there. I have to go

Where dreams materialise slow

No barbaric monsters in vicinity

I have to go there. I have to go

Where free my spirit is to grow

No struggling with adversity

I have to go there. I have to go

Where stars hung low in sky show

No nickel dimes worries we know

I have to go there. I have to go

I have to go there. I have to go 

Copyrighted © Aniqa Jahangeer

Do not use without permission.