I have to go..


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I have to go there. I have to go!

Where shadows don’t hang low

Up and about is not insanity

I have to go there. I have to go

Where fate ceaselessly blows

Knock not: none yells profanity

I have to go there. I have to go

Where there’s hope’s flame aglow

Not beyond lies life’s immensity

I have to go there. I have to go

Where dreams materialise slow

No barbaric monsters in vicinity

I have to go there. I have to go

Where free my spirit is to grow

No struggling with adversity

I have to go there. I have to go

Where stars hung low in sky show

No nickel dimes worries we know

I have to go there. I have to go

I have to go there. I have to go 

Copyrighted © Aniqa Jahangeer

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Withered Wasteland

The weary traveller

with blistered feet

not bitter:sees better

the sand and the heat

bother him not:bleat

about sorrows old feat

He sees in the distance

an azure expanse at glance

It is vivid:beckoning

Toward it reckoning

if tis lie or evil threatening

to slide his composure

Or to widen his exposure

and muster the courage

take steps to voyage

through a sea of sand

in hopes of a hand

that may point the way

And makes sorrows bland

taking torn traveler to a land

unlike this withering wasteland

Sentinel Serene

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Sunshine streams in

Impervious to the din

Obscurity no more kin

to me:To fate’s design

Nothing more than a pin

yet at leisure I m as win

I a chance of proximity

to the glory of infinity

the clouds pour affinity

giving me solace no soul

can ever give:erasing foul

it heals repairs balms 

and puts to rest qualms

the trees embrace

seeking nothing base

in return of the grace

lingering behind a trace

of a touch too temperate

No chance this life I hate

The sore storms shalt abate

Art Of Living…


Plunged in darkness

their sound of laughter


upon a bumpy track

they still go on

amid cheery jargon

nothing seems amiss

like nature’s soft kiss

the joy spread abound

defying demons ’round

touched with light

they scare fright

away from me

I walk with glee

invincible seems

this nation

a creation

to marvel

to darkle


shot destined

to go amiss

Leap of faith

Looking at me

in the days of glee

innocent eyes

staring at me spy

through my soul

reading the ghoul

I have turned into

Filled with shame

I am at who I turned

that unsullied child into

Winter never goes away

no fire warms me:Way

I have lost eyes bleary

I walk on a road scary

devoid of light

No map in sight

Reaching the height

of distress and plight

I yearn to do right

yet not putting up a fight

cold skies shun me

dirt shies away prithee

I yearn to attain to be

what always thought to see

in me:Love may heal

But Fate seems to seal

my chances

Pounding heart

Wolf prances

shattering glances

Running mischances

Tiring Breaking

My Wits gathering

I am running

through expanses

taking my chances