The sweet smelling morning air

takes me to a land afar and fair

in beauty has no match,yet beware

of monsters enticing,lurking in shadows

waiting to pounce and trap it bows

in time towards you,maybe they reside

not in lands unblemished: inside

they live and corrode me.Demons

of my own actions haunt sinister souls

Fighting them,i need the Light:the embers

are dying down.Nothing seems to show

except my naivety.The battle grows tense; the row

unbearable. Yet learn to live without

I do,while dying my death at my own hands within

Rampant Rain!

Delirium descends

as rain drops pelt

thunder pouncing

nostalgia kicking

fuzzy lights

set aglow

drops of rain

on my window.

My eyes bedazzled

yearn me being cradled

in the arms of love

accepting my dark sides

I frown

that crown

is far from my head

the way it hath lead;

me is distant

however I may rant.

Some are not build to love

Some are not build for love…