Haiku: Tranquility

Watching gentle wind undo
Knots of thoughts: I know
What rejuvenated you
-Aniqa Jahangeer ©





by feeling

beyond healing

Caged heart

receives dart

dart upon dart

seemingly depart

does sense

yet begins

a deeper ink

smearing the inside

of heart it overrides

Silently it lulls chides

poisoning my hide

creating a divide

my worlds collide

perhaps tis my pride

that is on my side

perhaps yet I am

to be favoured by tide

that sweeps me 

from shores I abide.

Perhaps in hope

of the day time I bide.

Withered Wasteland

The weary traveller

with blistered feet

not bitter:sees better

the sand and the heat

bother him not:bleat

about sorrows old feat

He sees in the distance

an azure expanse at glance

It is vivid:beckoning

Toward it reckoning

if tis lie or evil threatening

to slide his composure

Or to widen his exposure

and muster the courage

take steps to voyage

through a sea of sand

in hopes of a hand

that may point the way

And makes sorrows bland

taking torn traveler to a land

unlike this withering wasteland

Forgiveness Divine

forgiveness divine

none sees enshrine

t’dost our hearts:residing 

in there;abiding

the benign bargain 

our souls made

like peace it cascades

over our tortured corpses

sins sinister it washes

healing lacerated lashes

filling the gory gashes

awarding golden sashes

ere long all shall be ashes

stand we shall in His court

none but our Love shall fort

our souls shall with ease resort

our deeds told we shall be escort

to a world whence is no retort

copyrights AJ 2015

Our Youth

Image courtesy: ric.edu

Soaring high

spirits belie


rigid stances

though wisdom


yet their kingdom

Longing freedom

chasing mirage

all sabotage

stand ground

Will ironbound

turn they could round

the fate of this place

and raise this race

in eyes of world

erase all beheld

in us:fog receed

We then proceed

wise pearls we heed

and caravans lead

Image Courtesy: stmscranston.org