The Union

I am the union
Of two souls
Cast into a mold
They fought against
The union
of what the universe
never permitted
to remain tethered
by more than a cord between hearts
Morphing within
into a noose of sharp wire
I m an impossibility
become possible
I m what was not meant to be
and yet
came to be
I was meant to be
the rose
that blooms
in sands
that are barren
but I became
a prickly cactus
that drew tiny roses each day
out of fingers
That know no better anymore
Than the comfort of ruptured cells
It seems right
Even outside
Even in me
I m the cloud
that is brought about by waters
lost to air
like smoke
that cannot be held in palms
to bring raindrops that the land craves
only to realize
it didn’t want it
the more the droplets soak
into its crevices
the more they teasingly remind it
of its barrenness
of    its      unq u e n c hable    thirst
I am the tree
that was never to take root
in the sands
that didn’t know
where they themselves belonged
but yearned
for a spore to guide them
where they were meant to stay
only to realize
it was not for them
they could not offer strength
which they themselves lacked
I m the one wrong stitch in a tapestry
that falls in shreds over the one wrong twist of threads it took
Which makes it all seem wrong
All the right in it
Regrets the core of each thread
I am the life
That came to be
out of the stench of death
the light that rose from the pit of darkness
that never found its place again
flickering in wake
of what would never be lit by it
I have waged a war against my own self
tearing it
to reform it
in a way
that would keep my roots together
and yet they would be ripped
in opposite directions
taking parts of me
with them
But perhaps
we were never intended to be whole
in that brokenness
I found You
in that brokenness
I recognize you
and in it
I    keep you O Lord    in my heart
till my soul knows
a better destiny

Sides to love..(to my grandmother)


Image courtesy via Google (painted by Leonid Afremov)

In the swirls of wine in your eyes,  

I could see love shine through-  

It had its tinges:

Each sand drop in hourglass;  

Reflecting off its surface,  

In a different tinge of red. 

Sometimes pure red glinting- 

Like the edge of a knife,  

That can cut if need be, 

Upon a tear in the rulebook. 

Those same swirls become blood red: 

When the smallest of thorns threatens harm,  

To my fragile shell trembling with naivety; 

It seethes with anger at those who advance,  

With their treacherous blades of jealousy.  

At times it transforms into a deep maroon,  

Puzzling the seekers around:  

With an air of a veiled sun, 

Which may or may not reveal-  

Its warmth divine.

On a cold winter morning,  

It melts into a crimson;  

Mirroring the victory dance-  

My universe does,  

When basking in their presence.  

What is love?


 Is love a blessing

or a curse 

Is love a dressing

or wounds 

Is love selfish

or entirely selfless

Is love source of pain

or erases all and a gain

Is love change of perspective

or is it quest for souls respective

Is love quiet or screams 

at the top of its voice

Is love taking at beauty a hit

or an appraisal that does befit

but never cages beauty

rather worships with duty

Is love is a feeling of body

or leaves with our souls 

Is love an assortment of words

or is it actions that attain ends

Is love the lens for idealist

or is it for the curious realist

Is love just hormones

or lasts after the bones

Is love a treasure for world

or for one soul unfurled

Tell me what love is

is it a sage’s business

or insanity’s purpose

Is it fool’s paradise

or delight of loftier mind

not a shallow demise

Tell me what love is?

There is something amiss

with what we make it out as

certainly holds secrets in mass

Is love a language of universe

or a manual to understanding ours

Is it a panacea of all ills

or is torment that kills?

Mirror Halves…

We are all silly

going willy nilly

looking for a half


some of our insanity

and that is our vanity

we want a mirror

to reflect we err

how we suffer

touching the altar

of hearts:long after


tongue tied:illuminated

Intrigued enchanted

At the foot we falter

how this could be ours

another-imitation of ours

Having our flaws

yet every grain 

screams love:in awe

Bitter seeking better

fanatic yet not fetter

our free spirit

takes a long hit

loving every bit.


Heartstrings strung come undone!

She played him like a piano

pulling his strings;volcano

of love stirred in him

And yet she cared for whims

her wants:Used him

like an automaton

winning a marathon

putting a facade

collecting accolade

her affection she treated

as conquests

As manifests

of her power on his soul

She lusted:to toy be foul

with his heart untouched

until he at it clutched

as if pain no more could be borne

As if in a million his spirit was torn

For all she cared…

His trust shattered none mattered

His shell shook collapsed

How!how his judgement laspsed?

Ceasing to talk with the tongue

tongue which vows of love wrung

How could he laugh move on

Having been bent broken

Having his love mutiny

Having his own self be a rat

How he wondered had done that?