Haiku- Solace

Clouds kissing mountain

Bare their souls to rigid peaks

Solace in their pain

Image courtesy:tribune.com.pk



Pollution leaden air

Sweeps away care

A moment to stare

At all that’s past

At the path cast

A glance:mourning

Prodding seeking

All thats lost and more

Ah! How we walk ashore

Forming breaking castles 

In sand:worthless hassles

Sand that slips from fingers

Sand painfully that lingers

Sand that makes us wonder

Sand leading asunder

Sand welcoming home

End of our toils to Rome

Copyrighted work @Aniqa Jahangeer 2015

Defiant Joy…

It snows and rains

Trapped my joy in chains

Cold winds thwart my course

Calling out a foreign voice hoarse

I hear my own cries echo back

From the cold peaks having a knack

Of hearing such stories stand erect

Nothing shatters them to this effect

Solitude creeps in my veins

Promising for eons it may reign

Glances yearning for a view

Disillusioned return to chew

On my own wounds I m left

Incapable of breaking cleft

My being distorts reforms

And hopelessly answer qualms

A tempered glass held together

Wondering how much farther

Is the path going to take me

How many more rough blows

To be accepted with glee



Kindred Spirit…A sequel

Looking for kindred spirit I am tiring

and then I see they are aspiring

right there they have been all along

the cliffs with coarse exterior

yet shattered no ulterior

motives they have

They crave

my being

They are there

without question

they do not mention

any doubts

no explanation

of action or inaction

do they require

I am meant to be

where they are

in my power

is not

to please humans

no matter

how I leave

the door 

to my heart ajar

 they stare afar


Sentinel Serene

Image Courtesy: http://www.w8themes.com

Sunshine streams in

Impervious to the din

Obscurity no more kin

to me:To fate’s design

Nothing more than a pin

yet at leisure I m as win

I a chance of proximity

to the glory of infinity

the clouds pour affinity

giving me solace no soul

can ever give:erasing foul

it heals repairs balms 

and puts to rest qualms

the trees embrace

seeking nothing base

in return of the grace

lingering behind a trace

of a touch too temperate

No chance this life I hate

The sore storms shalt abate