Heartstrings strung come undone!

She played him like a piano

pulling his strings;volcano

of love stirred in him

And yet she cared for whims

her wants:Used him

like an automaton

winning a marathon

putting a facade

collecting accolade

her affection she treated

as conquests

As manifests

of her power on his soul

She lusted:to toy be foul

with his heart untouched

until he at it clutched

as if pain no more could be borne

As if in a million his spirit was torn

For all she cared…

His trust shattered none mattered

His shell shook collapsed

How!how his judgement laspsed?

Ceasing to talk with the tongue

tongue which vows of love wrung

How could he laugh move on

Having been bent broken

Having his love mutiny

Having his own self be a rat

How he wondered had done that?